Winter Outfits So Far

Read the title of this blog post. Read it again. Winter outfits SO FAR. Because living in Toronto (or most places in Canada) winter isn’t close to over, and we have far more of it to endure. But with that, comes envisioning and creating cute winter outfits!

If I’m being honest, winter is my least favourite season. Despite the fact that my birthday, two major holidays and my anniversary all take place during the coldest months of the year, winter is just not *it* for me.

What makes me enjoy winter a little more however, is getting creative with my outfits. It’s been (dare I say) fun trying to maintain looking cute, while also being warm. I’m finding new ways to use older winter pieces that thought I’d forgotten about them, and I’m layering more than ever before.

If the winter blues hit me, at least I know they won’t be because of my wardrobe.


The first outfit I threw together when the expectedly unexpected December snow first hit ground. I wanted to look as though I’d just spent the day in a wintery rose garden with a red nose to match.

TRENCH COAT – Princess Polly – wearing a size 10

SCARF – I got this scarf from the Call It Spring outlet and cannot find it online at all. Linked a similar one.

TOTE BAG – Self Love Supply

BOOTS – Call It Spring


Ahhhh my birthday outfit. I turned 31 two weeks ago and I wanted to dress the part. The part of a mature, stable, sophisticated 31 year old babe. And honestly, I think I nailed it. I may not love the snow. But when it comes to my birthday, I fully embrace it purely for the magic it brings to photography.

COAT – Dynamite – wearing a size medium (fits big)

CARDIGAN – last season, linked similar

SKIRT – Dynamite – wearing a size large



The vision: powerful. Classy. Aspirational. The outcome: regretted wearing a blazer as an alternative to a real COAT in December.

BLAZER – H&M wearing a men’s 42

SCARF – several years old but linked similar

BOOTS – last season but linked similar



Whites? For winter? Groundbreaking… but for real when the snow hit the ground the day prior, I assembled my best all white outfit in hopes I’d just blend right in. Did it work?

DRESS – H&M – wearing a size medium (fits big, lots of stretch)

COAT – last season, linked similar

BOOTS – Call It Spring

HAT – Amazon


Very excited to introduce my first almost fully thrifted outfit. I’m really excited about the places I’ll be taking fashion in 2022 and one of those places is Value Village. Fast fashion is expensive, time consuming and it’s killing our environment. I’m not saying I will avoid it entirely. But I’m making a commitment to shop much much less, than I have in the past.

COAT – thrifted from Value Village (I bought it for my fiancé as a Christmas present and I’m already borrowing it)

SWEATER – from a vintage shop in Toronto, gifted to me from my fiancé as a Christmas gift.

PANTS – my mom gave these to me a few months ago because she never wore them

BOOTS – Call It Spring

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