Winter Collabs

I am not a winter girl. I teeter on the word “hate” when it comes to snow, cold, wind and the dark abyss that we live in for several months. Sometimes, it’s cute. Sometimes, snow falling onto pine trees that twinkle in the sun is mesmerizing. SOMETIMES it’s nice to sit inside with a cozy blanket and feel like an animal in hibernation. So that’s how winter redeems itself. That, and the exciting winter collaborations I was lucky enough to get. Let’s get into it.


My winter collaboration with Knix is actually going to be more ongoing, as I’ve been accepted as one of their brand ambassadors. I am really excited about this opportunity, and so far, all the products are incredible. Let me know if you try any of these products! Plus, you get a discount when you use my code EMILYRHIANNONMALLETT10

Joggers – wearing a size large (and they’re currently on sale!)

Crewneck – wearing a size large (also on sale!)

Bralette – wearing a size large

Undies – wearing a size large

Princess Polly

Collaborating with Princess Polly in February was tough. Because although it was still very much winter, I wanted nothing to do with winter clothing. So I ordered a spring outfit, shot my photos during a window of sun, and froze my butt off (among other things, obviously) all in the name of SPRING!

Matching Set – wearing a size 12

Cardigan – wearing a size M/L

Purse – cute and a great size


As soon as I tried on these boots from Vivaia, it was love at first step. These sustainable boots are made from recycled material and fit like a dream. Easy to style, comfortable to wear, and a positive sustainable fashion piece.

Gemma Boots – wearing size 11 in deep khaki

Opposite Wall

I haven’t done many home decor collabs, but Opposite Wall was the perfect fit into my little home. Opposite Wall allowed me to choose three prints and frames. Initially, I choose these prints to hang all together as a gallery wall. But the creative flow had other ideas and placed these prints in various places around the bedroom, where they each filled their own space, on their own, just perfectly.

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