About Emily

Hey there! I’m Emily, a midsize style influencer & model living in Toronto, Canada. I’m a Capricorn, but barely into Astrology. I’m 30 years old, but barely have anything figured out. And I’m happily exploring everything that life hands me, but usually skeptical. 

The existence of my (very sparse) blog began with a passion for curating my Instagram feed into what made me feel GOOD. It began with flatlays, took a turn into travel, dove into fashion and now serves as a happy little grid to all of the above, and more. I post what I love, whether it be my outfits, my home, my partner or this crazy beautiful world we live in. You can find all of that here, too.

However my daily life is often the furthest thing from what that pretty little grid portrays. You can often find me drenched in sweat after running several kilometers, painting, drawing and or writing in the dim evening lighting of my kitchen, or in full slob mode, on the couch, reminding Netflix that I AM in fact still watching the 11th consecutive episode of whatever show I’ve decided to binge.

But living in one of the most vibrant cities in Canada does encourage me to wipe the sweat off my face and leave the dim lighting and the couch behind, for fun-filled city adventures. Whether it be cafe hopping around my own neighbourhood or indulging in wine & pasta on a bougie downtown patio, this city has been keeping me entertained & enthralled for almost three years now.

Hope you’ll join me in whatever comes next!

love emily 2