First Fall Fits – Gifted Items

My first few outfits of the FALL 2021 (!!!!!!) season are lucky enough to be gifted items from brands I love.

I love how versatile each piece will be throughout the rest of the season, and into winter. These early fall looks are perfect for the most ideal fall weather (in my opinion). Weather that only requires ONE area of either legs or arms to be fully covered, in order to feel content, comfortable and warm. Because when arms AND legs (and neck, hands, face…) have to ALL be covered in order to stay comfortable and warm, that’s when we’ve got a problem.

So, enjoy these ~transitional~ looks, while I am still able to 😉


This full H&M look was a fall gift, and it is an instant favourite. The pants fit incredibly well, with stretchy elastane blend jersey and an elastic waist band. And the knit set is so soft on my skin and will be the perfect layering pieces when the weather starts to cool more.

PANTS – wearing a size large

CROP TANK – wearing a size large

CARDIGAN – wearing a size large


Another full H&M fit. As much as I’m aware that black denim jackets are a fall staple, I’d never owned one until now. But this one, is a forever fave. It’s oversized, so I got a medium and it’s still roomy. The dress is SO soft and although this outfit was in favour of street style, the dress will do really well dressed up with heel boots and a leather jacket, too. White side purse that duos as a belt bag across my chest? I’m in.

JACKET – fits oversized, wearing a size medium

DRESS – wearing a size large. Unfortunately brown is sold out but the black, blue and white are so cute too!

PURSE – no size lol


This whole outfit was gifted to me from Princess Polly and I am obsessed. As trendy as these tennis skirts have been the past few months, this is my FIRST ONE. And I love it. It’s stretchy, twirly and versatile enough to wear with more of a *real* fall look for the inevitable cold weather fall that looms over those who live in Canada (me, unfortunately).

SKIRT – wearing a size 12

SHIRT – wearing a size 12

PURSE – in black

CLAW CLIP – in white


When Canadian handbag company Jeanne Lottie gifted me this purse, I knew exactly how I was going to incorporate it into my early fall wardrobe. Bike shorts keep the legs cool and a blazer (gifted from Canadian company Sophie Grace) keeps the arms classy. I love how this purse simultaneously gives sophisticated yet edgy vibes.

PURSE – vegan leather

SHORTS – wearing a size large

BLAZER – wearing a size large

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