January Favourites

How can it be that time seems to move so slowly sometimes, yet simultaneously speed right by? How does time manage to escape us completely, and other times it’s as if it at a standstill? Because that’s how January has felt. I keep thinking “How is it already the end of January?” yet at the same time I’m complaining “How is it ONLY the end of January?”

When I look back at the first 31 days of this year, my mind goes back and forth between thinking it’s flown by, then remembering how long it’s felt. My birthday was at the beginning of this month and it literally feels like it was 4 months ago.

It’s been a very cold month with tons of snow and more to come. The sun has been sparse, the photo shoots have been freezing, and the couch coziness has been real. Here’s a few things I’ve been loving this month (and will definitely be loving into next month and probably beyond) that have amped up the cozy and spurred new creativity. Maybe January wasn’t so bad after all!


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A few weeks ago I got my very first pair of glasses, and I’m super excited about it. They aren’t for constant use (although I’m sure I could wear them all the time if I wanted to), but more so to correct the astigmatism I recently learned I have in both eyes. Situations where my eyes can’t reflect the light properly used to cause blurriness and strain on my eyes. Now however, reading the descriptions on Netflix is much easier, my laptop screen is clearer and driving at night isn’t as intense. Thx new specs!

A Design Kit

For a few years now I’ve been loving the photo editing app A Color Story and all the unique ways it’s able to enhance and intensify my photos. The same developers recently launched A Design Kit, another photo editing app that allows you to add text, overlays and designs to your photos. The sticker I used in my collage (babe with the power!), is from this app. If you’ve peeped my Instagram stories recently, you’ll notice that I now have cover photos for each of my highlighted stories. I made each of those icons on this app, and was overwhelmed by their selection of backgrounds, fonts and colour selection. If you’re at all into photo editing, design or creating your own content like me, I totally suggest buying this app (it’s only like $3) and seeing the fun you can get into.

Jasmine Essential Oil

Throughout the entire Christmas season, I was totally hooked on festive smelling essential oils. The kind that make me feel so cozy and warm. So when Christmas ended, I was at a loss for what to put in my diffuser. Then I noticed my jasmine oil tucked way in behind all the other oils, it’s pretty pink bottle catching my eye. I put a few drops in my diffuser one evening, and immediately my room began to smell like sweet, fresh, florals. I wasn’t sure I was ready for such a vibrant scent, as I’d been hooked on cozy Christmas for so long. But I love it. It not only smells like florals and sweet spring, but it smells romantic and inspiring. It smells like warm cuddles and laughter on a sunny day. And as Valentine’s Day approaches, I want all the romantic and inspirational feelings I can get.

Faux Fur Blanket

Ah the classic faux fur throw. Not my first one, certainly won’t be my last one, but definitely my favourite one at the moment. This particular one is from Chapters (aren’t they all? Lol) and comes in a wide selection of colours and fur styles (and is currently on sale). I got the white one as a Christmas present and I love how cozy it is! If I’m at home, chances are it’s wrapped around me. With a different texture on either side, I t’s incredibly soft, so I’m constantly moving it from my bed to the couch depending on where I’m chillin. Guess I’ll just have to buy another one!

Ban.do Agenda

I bought this agenda way back in September, and although I wrote in it a bit, I wasn’t busy enough that I actually needed to keep track of my events and commitments (#boring lol). Now however, as my personal life, work life and blog life seem to grow and change, I actually DO need a place to compile everything that I’m working on and looking forward to (or not looking forward to but must attend anyways). This agenda is not too big but certainly not small. There’s enough room on each day to write multiple ideas or commitments, and at the start of each month there’s a beautiful quote to inspire and empower your upcoming month. Plus, stickers. Tons of cute and fun stickers. Win win, really.

My Cinema Lightbox

Last weekend my amazing and thoughtful boyfriend, who’s super supportive of all my creative endeavours, told me that he got me a surprise present that I’ll “really like” and “would look good on instagram.” Man was he right! I’ve been wanting a cinema lightbox for a while. And although they’ve been popular for quite some time, I just never really got around to getting one for myself. Luckily Alex remembers things I say months after the fact and cares almost as much about my pursuit in blogging and content creating as I do (almost… not really… but he does care 🙂 ). I’m pretty excited about this new toy and all the ways I’ll be able to use the mini version of the classic cinema lightbox. Stay tuned 😉

Rose Quartz Stone

In keeping with representations of love, harmony and light heartedness, I’ve found myself gravitating to my rose quartz stone lately. Recently I’ve just been gazing at it, moving it around my room to different places I think it looks good, and actually doing some research on how the presence of this stone may be affecting my mood and subconscious. The rose quartz stone connects directly to our heart chakra, fuelling us with feelings of compassion, peace and of course, love. It helps to rid us of emotional wounds and resentment, and essentially just purify our hearts with the essence of love that we are all in need of. But really Stevie Wonder said it best “love’s in need of love today” so let’s share it, spread it and feel a little more love in all our lives.

Rose Gold Nail Polish

I know rose gold isn’t exactly a new trend, it’s a trend I’m super into right now. To me it’s extra romantic, ultra feminine, but also kind of elegant as it’s not a straight pink. For Christmas my boyfriend gifted me a beaut old rose gold watch, and more rose gold and light pink just kept falling into my life after that. Enter rose gold nail polish, and my rose gold obsession has hit a whole new level. I found this one at Shoppers Drugmart and it’s called World Is My Oyster by Sally Hansen. There were a few different versions of rose gold in many different brands, but this one looked the rosiest to me. I’ve been wearing it for three weeks straight and as Valentine’s Day approaches I don’t really see any reason to stop.

What are some of your favourite things at the moment? Any favourite books on the go? Clothing you can’t stop wearing? Recipes you’re super into? I’d love to know! Drop me a line or comment on this blog down at the bottom 🙂

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One thought on “January Favourites

  1. So help me if I didn’t have my bullet journal I don’t know what I would do. Even if I don’t have events for that week if I didn’t have somewhere to dump thoughts and ideas I fear my head might explode


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