Galentines Love

I love love. Love is one of the purest of feelings, that can evoke some of the most raw emotions within us. I love that love is able to bring us both joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, laughter and tears. I love that love breaks barriers, and can be shared between so many different people, from so many different walks of life. I love that love comes in many forms, such as romantic love, familial love, pet love and friendship love. Each of these loves can be equally powerful, equally driving and equally felt, because love does not define itself or restrict itself or measure itself to specifics. Love honours each and every being that chooses to feel it, embrace it and share it. Love honours us.

Today I want to honour one specific type of love, and that is the love of girlfriends. The love of women celebrating women, and girls crushing their goals while other girls cheer them on. Valentine’s Day has been marketed to those who are able to celebrate romantic love with their partners. And yes, although I am one of those people who likes to celebrate my own romantic love with my love (and not just on Valentine’s Day), why can’t I do both?

Why can’t I be head over heels in love with my guy, confident in our love and eager to celebrate it with one another, while also celebrating the amazing women in my life who show me such love and inspiration?

I can absolutely do both. We can ALL do both. Because love doesn’t need to be limited, and love doesn’t need to be cut short. Love actually wants to be spread! Spread far and wide and to as many people as you can reach! I hope I can reach some of these amazing gals who’ve been putting forth the love into my life lately.

So without (much) further ado, here’s that shout out to all of you (if you read that in a rap style voice it sounds pretty neat fyi):

When I first launched my blog at the beginning of September, I was all of a sudden in a new position where my thoughts, actions, beliefs and ideas could be judged by the outside world. A position I willingly put myself in! Like how crazy is that!? Since then, I started to notice that some women in my life also decided to let the outside in, and launch a platform where they are able to put forth a piece of themselves in hopes that other people might find it interesting.

So we all did it! We all knowingly and willingly put ourselves in a position where people — friends, acquaintances and strangers alike — are able to critique some of our most inner thoughts. And let me tell you, it’s not easy. It’s not easy to dive in head first into a huge unknown, just hoping and trying to remain confident that strangers will like your content, that acquaintances won’t think less of you and that your friends will still respect your ideas.  

But really, that’s the beauty of it.

That’s the beauty of self-development and self-growth. That we can be brave in our actions, be bold in our ideas and boost one another in the process. I love seeing women I know, girls I’ve just met and gals I have yet to meet in person, show their true selves and shine their inner light. I love seeing this because it’s a reminder that we each in our own right, have the ability to fully pursue what we’ve been just pondering. It’s an encouragement that we each have something special to offer and we should not be shamed into thinking otherwise. I love seeing the women I surround myself with make waves that they’re proud to swim in. And as we continue to praise one another for the waves we make, more women will feel confident enough to jump into that ocean and make some waves of their own.

The force of women supporting women is an unyielding, utterly powerful feeling that is totally and completely rooted in LOVE. Love means encouragement. Love means support. Love means ROOM FOR MORE. And there is always, always room for more amazing women to shine their inner light. Whether it’s their blog, their YouTube channel or their new online shop, each one of them is doing something their proud of. And to be proud of someone else’s pride, is a true testament of love.   

I was greeted with so many kind words of encouragement and support when I first launched my blog, and I only hope to give that back to those brave and bold women who I see launching their own creative outlet too.

There is always room for more fresh ideas and more creativity. Always room for women to express how they feel, express who they are and just overall express themselves in the process.

At the bottom are a few links to some blogs/YouTube channels/Instagram accounts that I’m really excited about these days. Each of them relatively new, but each of them created by a women I am so proud to watch grow and shine.

Happy love day,

love emily 2

Shanice Teresa’s YouTube channel

This girl is an old co-worker and it’s worth mentioning that she was one of the best. She made our place of work more lively, vibrant and full of laughter. And her YouTube channel is nothing short of that either. A hilarious story teller, an amazing makeup artist and a heart of gold, Shanice’s videos are worth a watch.

Olivia Rae’s blog “Liv in AdVENTure”

Olivia is a hometown girl who seeks out adventure, and succeeds at finding it, in even the most mundane of times. Her chill vibe and moody photos are totally captivating and will make you want to “liv in adventure” yourself.

Jessica Kaylee’s blog

Another girl from my hometown, Jessica’s new blog is honest, open and full of heart. She’s a relatable voice with a lot of passion for what she talks about and I’m excited to see where she goes with it!

Candice Trevino’s Instagram page

Candice is an Insta friend who lives all the way in San Antonio, Texas. Although I haven’t met her in person yet, her big heart and happy-go-lucky attitude have totally drawn me in. She’s an amazing girl with lots of goals and always takes the time out of her day, to wish you well in yours. I can totally see us going on a double date with our significant others and touring her Texas town that she speaks so highly of.

Olivia’s vegan food blog

Oliva (aka Liber) is one of the most inspirational girls I know. After going through a life altering health scare, she changed her diet, changed her attitude and changed her LIFE. Her self-created vegan meals are crazy delicious and her story is an inspiration. Curious? Go read her blog!

Brittany’s Thirty-One page

Brittany is one of my closest friends, and she recently dove into the unknown and became a Thirty-One consultant! I didn’t know a whole lot about this business until she explained it to me, as I’m sure she will do for so many others! Her bubbly personality and attractive attitude will be a big asset when it comes to her running her own business and I know this girl’s just gunna shiiiine!  

5 thoughts on “Galentines Love

  1. You radiate love & sunshine Em. Love does come in all forms & there shouldn’t be a limit!
    I adore all of your posts but this one really spoke to me!
    Keep doing what you do – your colourful personality is always so inspiring & uplifting! Happy Valentine’s Day to you!! 🌱🌷🌞💞


    1. Thank you so much for reading Liv! I really appreciate your kind words, especially because we can both relate and understand this specific topic. Love always means room for more! Happy v-day to you girl 😊❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love means ROOM FOR MORE. … I LUV that, Emily. Thankyou for celebrating girlfriends at galentines day. You are my lucky penny, my gorgeous talented intelligent wonderful daughter. xo


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