Twenty Seven – My Birthday

Yesterday I turned 27. Today, I am actually feeling pretty good about it. Unlike the day after I turned 26, when I immediately noticed forehead lines that I’d never seen before, as if they had been engraved into my skin overnight, and all at once had difficulties reading my phone screen and the Netflix descriptions on a TV 8 feet away from me, today I am actually feeling excited, invigorated and ready for more. 

I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that since that fateful day of forehead lines and vision problems I began using night cream and actually just picked up my very first pair of prescription glasses today (astigmatism y’all), but I am also just overwhelmed with the amount of SUPPORT and KINDNESS and so much LOVE I felt yesterday from so many different people in my life. 

Close friends, past friends, family, coworkers and friends I’ve actually never met (yet), are the reason why yesterday was filled with so much delight. I’m very fortunate to have so many kind souls in my life, each of them willing to share their joy with me on my special day. So thank you, so much, to everyone who shared that with me. 

I got a few questions about my birthday dress I wore yesterday. It’s a velvet dress from Forever 21, I got it in the colour Amber and in a size large. I found it fit true to size, and therefore a large fit my curves perfectly and was very comfortable.


I also got a few questions asking if my legs were cold. But am I even really born in January if I can’t confidently wear a club dress in -16 degree weather with snow? I didn’t think so. 



Now I’m off to eat the left over cupcakes because I overestimated how many I’d need to feed all of… 6 people. 

love emily 2

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