Weekly Snaps: Summer IIII

Though each week of this beautiful summer has given me many wonderful experiences, memories and things to be thankful for, this particular ‘weekly snap’ post is extra meaningful to me, as it’s almost entirely dedicated to my lovely little hometown of Kincardine Ontario. A town that brings me both great joy and at times, great annoyances. Yet always manages to bring me back home. Kincardine, thank you.

img_0549These photos were taken bright and early on the morning after one of the best weekends of the summer, on the prettiest street in town, right before we left to head back to the city. I needed one more moment of admiration at the beautiful little town that has given me so much over the past 16 years, since it first became home when my mom and I moved here in 2002. Kincardine is a little town with a lot of love. And that love shined even brighter on the August long weekend (August 3rd-6th) when a town of 5000, turned into a town of 12,000. People travelled from far and wide (some even from London England) to return to their home town, and take part in a tradition that’s been going on since the early 1900’s (and only occurs once every decade!). And I do believe this tradition lived up to everyone’s excitement.

img_0550The committee that organized a five day event of non stop activities from dawn until dark including multiple concerts, two parades, water races, an escape room, daily breakfasts, all day beer gardens, a bed race and the long awaited shirt tail party – this committee is made of angels. The sense of community was empowering, and encouraged us all to help one another when necessary and treat the town with respect. I feel proud to be from a town that holds their self to such a high standard of respect and well being, that even in a time of wild fun and mischief can we ensure our town is safe and cared for. I connected with friends, reconnected with old friends and caught up with so many faces I’ve known over the years. Those five days in Kincardine brought me a sense of belonging and community and reminded me why I’m so blessed to call this town home. Kincardine Old Boys Reunion 2018, THANK YOU! And I look forward to what Kincardine (and life) has in store for 2028

Reunion memories: (left) Shirt Tail parade dress up, a favourited night of Kincardine locals where people dress up (or don’t dress at all…) in all manners of clothing and costumes. My friends and I went as a tie dye troop and I assure you, this was one of the more modest outfits that night! (right) Caesar Sunday in the park. A boozy incentive to wake up early on a Sunday morning and socialize with the townsfolk, after already two long nights of partying with those same townsfolk. As drinking Caesars in the park is really like a once in a decade experience (lol).

Weekend finale fireworks over a rainy Lake Huron. Empty wine bottles but full hearts. A beautiful finish to a beautiful weekend.


And of course, honouring my beachside hometown with a beachy photo.


Once back to the city, we hit up the Canadian National Exhibition and checked “carnival” off the summer bucket list.


We chased some rainbows around the city…


…and followed them right to some iced coffee.

As the summer begins to wind down I’m starting to feel so full of love and laughter and memories and friends and endless opportunities for happiness. It’s not over yet, but soon it will be. So I’m just trying to soak it all in, one day, one week and one snap at a time. More adventures await…

love emily 2

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