Weekly Snaps: Summer III

These “weekly” snaps are becoming somewhat misleading…

Sure, I did all this stuff and saw all these people and had all that fun. But… it may not have happened over the course of a week as my blog title suggests.

Which, on one hand, I feel guilty about. As though I am not contributing to my blog actively enough and exactly when it happens. On the other hand, it seems I’m living in the moment, enjoying all the stuff, the people and the fun, and doing the publishing when it suits me best. Not to mention I’d be worried about both my mental exhaustion AND bank account if all of this occurred in the span of ONE week, opposed to the truthful three. The following are snaps taken between July 13th and July 29th.


A little stroll through downtown Burlington with my Burlington boy himself. During our (almost) eight years together our hearts have come to host many favourite places. Downtown Burlington and all it’s charm, just happens to be one of them. Alex grew up here, I grew to love it, and lots of memories were grown here as well. Both with each other, friends and our families.


Wine at bachelorette party…

Wine with my besties…

And wine with my babe. This summer has been filled with full glasses of wine and many, many wineries. Which is perfect seeing as “wine tour” was on my summer bucket list and I went on not one, but two of them! Check and check.


After purchasing a denim jacket in July (from the men’s section no less!!!! One of my new favourite place to shop… more on that later), I was thrilled to be able to wear it just a week after buying it! Toronto was hit with approximately 48 minutes of reasonably cool weather until it returned to it’s regularly scheduled forecast of hot, humid and ‘definitely don’t need a jacket as your arms feel as if they’re constantly covered by a thick layer of heat and warmth anyways’, kind of weather.

But, that’s summer. And most of the time, I really do love it.

love emily 2

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