Weekly Snaps: Hello Summer

Sweet, sweet summertime is here and happening. The first week of this beautiful season was spent with favourite people eating favourite foods and doing some of my favourite activities.

Since moving to Toronto, Alex and I have been happily settling into our new apartment and our new routine. Definitely more details on that in future blog posts, including some room tours and DIYs. But for now here’s some shots from this past week, the first official week of summer.

If this is how we spent just the first week of summer in our new place and new city, I can’t wait to see how the rest of the summer unfolds.

These photos were technically taken in May, before summer started. But they were taken on one of the most beautiful days, with one of the most beautiful people I know, in the most beautiful little town. This day truly felt like the dawn of summertime, and I got to spend it with my mom.


First day of summer sangria with my bestie. We found a lively patio in the heart of Toronto and celebrated the summer solstice the best way we knew how: sangria, sunshine and lots of food. 


Friday night fun at a carnival & concert duo. We left our new city and found ourselves in another one for an amazing lakeside concert. We attended the Burlington Sound of Music Festival to see one of our most favourite bands, Born Ruffians, with some of our favourite people. 

A sunny afternoon spent at the ball park with some amazing people. Alex, his brothers, my near sister in law and myself reveled in a big Jays win.


Exploring the local markets and admiring all the peonies.


Bringing those peonies home along with some donuts at a newly discovered bakery just up the street from our apartment.  


Cafe hopping and coffee sipping. Iced only plz.

Summer is here to stay (well, for the next three months at least) and I am ready to embrace every minute of it. 

love emily 2


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