Christmas Cheer Playlist

The countdown to Christmas is officially on in my household and in my heart! Just three weeks away is the day that so many of us look forward to all year long, and celebrate for the entire month of December. The chocolate christmas calendar has been opened, the boughs have been hung in each and every doorway in my home and my front door is abundant with packages, thanks to my love of gift giving (and my online shopping addiction).

Because of some personal issues that arose in my life, November was full of sleepless nights, emotional instability and life contemplations. And I really have no shame in telling you guys this, because let’s face it, life is complicated and takes us all by surprise at one point or another.

Now however, I’m feeling brighter, lighter and less bogged down by life’s instability–and really excited to embrace Christmas, a time I truly love: The events that lead up to that one special day, the traditions my family and I share year after year, a general sense of lightheartedness and shared joy, and of course, the music. I have crafted a Christmas Cheer playlist, full of both classic and contemporary Christmas tunes, to really turn on that CHRISTMAS SPIRIT and remind myself to let go and let live, especially at Christmas!

Life is almost never easy, even less so is it predictable (at least in my world). But Christmas music is. It’s both easy and predictable and for me, has the ability to light the smallest little ember in my heart and ignite my entire soul aflame with joy and hope and Christmas cheer.

Hope you can feel some joy in the music too.

love emily 2


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