Awkward Apple Adventure

Remember when I said in my Fall Bucket List blog that prior to this excursion, I had only been apple picking one other time? Well, after this most recent apple adventure, I’m wondering if there was a reason why I stayed clear of apple orchards for a few years and why I may never return, lol.

Okay okay, I guess I’m being a bit dramatic. I’m not about to dive into some Halloween horror story, but more of an awkward autumn tale.

Waking up the day of Apple picking, I knew it was going to be somewhat warm. Which I was actually thankful for, as I wanted to wear a dress. But what I did not anticipate was just HOW warm. It was roughly 30 degrees Celsius, not a cloud in the sky to block the sun with a fierce wind that circulated in and out of the apple orchard, constantly kicking up dry dirt and blowing it into my eyes.

Trudging up and down the Apple orchard eventually put a rip in my tights that grew with every step I took. The strong wind blew my dress up, revealing the growing hole with every gust. And there were these tiny little bugs that kept biting my arms and neck and I could not seem to escape them.

I was itchy. I was sweaty. My left thigh was missing about 5 inches of red leotard. The elements were working against me but I wasn’t going to let that slow me down from gathering an abundance of apples!

After about two hours and two very full buckets, I decided it was time to call it a day. Was it easy? No. Was it still fun? Actually, yes.

Spending the day with my mom and my boyfriend, even under such sweaty and itchy circumstances, was still fun. The situation wasn’t ideal, it wasn’t even picture perfect (even though I took many), but we laughed at it, and at ourselves, the whole time.

It’s great actually, that the day turned out the way it did. The way it turned out helped to remind me of an important life lesson:

That even though I try and plan things, and even though I have an idea in my head of how I want things to go, life usually has a different plan. And that’s usually the plan that makes for a better story anyways. 


Happy apple picking (or not, haha)

love emily 2

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