Weekly Snaps: Summer II

Another amazing week full of summer fun is in the books. From the Canada day long weekend to just yesterday, this past week has been was so wonderfully full that it feels as though I’ve already had a whole summer. Crazy right? But really, if someone were to tell me that summer is over tomorrow, I might just believe them. 

I feel completely absorbed and immersed in everything that is ~sUmMeR 2o18~ that it’s hard to believe there’s still two whole months left of it! I’m happy about this. SO happy about this. Because that bucket list still has lots that needs to be crossed off and maybe even more will be added. Who knows! What I do know is that there’s still two whole months to experience, adventure and pursue infinite summer joy. 

And this past week brought a lot of just that.

Kicked off beach season with confidence and contentment as I got back into my bikini for the first time this year. And you know what? It felt great. Every body is worthy of sun, sand and beachy satisfaction and this body is no exception. Curvy but confident and completely aware of all the amazing things this body is able to do for me. This body has two huge birthmarks and I’ve learned to love them as uniquenesses not flaws. This body can run a 10k and eat donuts without regret. This body loves and laughs and tries not to hold back. And this body genuinely loves to be in a bathing suit more than real clothes lol. I’m worthy and so are you. Now get to the beach!


Worked hard on finding my wings this week after some minor personal issues and struggles with adjustment. Luckily I’ve got some pretty amazing people to help those wings stay on. This day specifically was spent getting iced lattes in the city with my bestie Britt, her lovely man and also mine.

Canada Day with my two forever favourites. My mom and my man. We spent Canada in my beautiful little hometown. And although I literally just moved away from it a few weeks ago, it felt so good to be back. So comfortable and so renewing. We beached, we barbecued, we drank beers at the wonderful little local brewery. It was a perfect first long weekend. Not to mention fireworks over, Lake Huron are somewhat unbeatable. 

Give me all of the iced lattes and all of the donuts! Forever! Always! I may have a minor (okay severe) addiction to lattes of all temperature levels and any kind of baked good coated in sugar. But these ones were extra good! On a little day date Alex and I explored the city and found an adorable little cafe in Kensington Market called FIKA Cafe. We ordered their speciality iced latte and fuelled ourselves for a day of walking with a totally bomb breakfast sandwich. We also went to a newly opened small batch (and small donut!) donut shop called Cops.


My favourite breakfast date…


…And my new favourite breakfast sandwich.


Pink walls and boxes of donuts are definitely a match made in heaven. 

Some shots from both Cops donuts and Calii Love espresso. 

I know I know, am I ever not eating? Rarely. But I just HAD to eat this pizza. On Friday night Alex and I hit up Assembly Chef’s Hall and shared a pizza from The Good Son Pizza. And it was AMAZING. Coming from someone who’s had pizza all over Italy, this pizza pie, was incredible. I mean just look at that big smile on my face! I’m smiling because of how much I love it, and then I’m caught looking for more. More did not arrive (sadly), but I may just have to arrive at that place, again. 

img_1835On Sunday morning Alex and I woke up prepared for a normal day of grocery shopping and meal prepping. Not long after we’d left the house in search of groceries did his childhood friend text him and ask if we’d like to go to a Blue Jays game. With his season tickets. In row 1. BEHIND THIRD BASE. Our plans quickly changed from shopping and cooking to cheering and shouting. Sure the Jays lost, but with seats like that, our whole day was a major win. Not to mention a great and unexpected way to cap off a whole weekend of good stuff. 

Here’s to the next one…

love emily 2

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