About Emily


For those of you who know me, you know that for quite a while now I’ve been a very active Instagram user. “Very active” might even be an understatement. For years I’ve been flooding people’s feeds with pictures of flowers, pictures of lattés, pictures of my painted nails, flat lays of random objects, and of course pictures of myself, of which I am aware there are no shortage of, haha.

A little over a year ago, I had someone ask me over Instagram “Why don’t you have a blog yet?” I considered their question, not having any real answer for them or myself, but I was truly flattered that they thought I could even pursue something of this nature.

Regardless, it was a fleeting thought and didn’t get much mental attention from me until six months later, when a few more people started asking me “Do you have a blog? Why don’t you have blog?” This time, I actually sat down and considered the idea of having a blog. A little space on the vastness of the internet that would be only mine, for my thoughts and interests and goals, and all at once it made sense to me.

This was something I had to do. Not for people questioning me, not to be used as an alternative to Instagram (sorry not sorry, lol), but as a personal goal. An investment in myself, as this blog will be a reflection of myself, my life and the lives of others closest to my heart.

My Instagram interest grew into a genuine passion for creating, styling and capturing images I believe are visually stimulating. I found a true love for finding the beauty in all things, and finding a way to reveal it. From my homemade perfectly pink birthday cake, to my running shoes in a car, I truly enjoy finding something I’m able to slightly manipulate, challenging myself to make it cute, and being happy with what I’ve captured.

I’m not calling myself a photographer by any means. I’m just a girl with a wide array of interests and love finding ways to blend them together.

I find inspiration in almost everything I come across, and up until now, Instagram was my primary outlet for expressing that. Now however, with my own personal space, I hope to grow in that area and watch my passions and interests grow, too.

I have a degree in Child & Youth Studies, but when I’m not working with children, I enjoy a wide array of activities and things. I love to express my creative side through hand lettering and painting, something I hope to do more of now that I’ve challenged myself to upkeep a blog.

I like to call myself a “sporadic avid reader”, as I can read one good book in two days, but go weeks without picking up another one as I continue to mourn the end of something so great and even question what the imaginary characters might be up to now.

 I like all things girly and most things pink. Dresses and skirts are a wonderful thing and I wish my lifestyle allowed for wearing them more often. I enjoy clothes and fashion, both women’s styles and men’s, as dressing up my boyfriend is something I like, but rarely get to do, haha.


Over the years I’ve grown to be very body positive, and truly believe that confidence radiates from the inside out, and it starts with self-love. Something that took me years to learn, but could never imagine not having, now that I’ve found it.

I love baking more than cooking, and it’s a real possibility that’s only because baking can be visually cuter and of course, it’s so damn yummy to eat. I love café hopping with my boyfriend, finding new favourite local places, and exploring the same place with new eyes.

I have an unquenchable wanderlust and desire to adventure outside my comfort zone. Those feelings only increased after I backpacked Europe last summer for five weeks.

I love to laugh, live for love and above all, strive to be happy in a world that can so easily inhibit that. Here, you’ll eventually see all of these interests come to life in different shapes and forms, in an effort to express my creative side, live a life I love with what I’ve been given, and inspire others to do the same.

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